Unlock ZTE EE


Estimated delivery time:  20 hours

Guaranteed delivery time: 2 – 48 hours

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Unlock ZTE EE (Everything Everywhere)


  1. Only “clean” devices can be unlocked. Blacklisted, lost and/or stolen IMEIs will be rejected. Check if your device is clean here.
  2. In addition, only devices older than 6 months on EE can be unlocked.

More info

  • Unlock is safe, absolutely legal and permanent.  Guaranteed!
  • All ZTE devices like iPhones, iPads and smartwatches get unlocked without a “code”. Customers just need to wait for our confirmation, then insert a non-EE SIM card and sync with iTunes or over WiFi. Read more here.
  • ZTE Corporation, commonly shortened to ZTE, is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. ZTE operates in three business units: carrier networks (54%), terminals (29%) and telecommunication (17%). ZTE’s core products are wireless, exchange, access, optical transmission, and data telecommunications gear; mobile phones; and telecommunications software. It also offers products that provide value-added services, such as video on demand and streaming media. ZTE primarily sells products under its own name but it is also an OEM. ZTE is one of the top five largest smartphone manufacturers in its home market. Source: Wikipedia

Frequently asked questions about Unlock ZTE EE service

Q?: How much costs to unlock my ZTE model from EE network carrier?
A!: It will only cost you 14.99£ with no further additional payments. That’s all.

Q?: As i´m sure they will unlock ZTE EE?
A!: Of course, we unlock ZTE EE within maximum 48h. We performed over 200.000 unlocks already!

Q?: Is this permanent? What if I update my firmware?
A!: Our service is a permanent solution for your device. You can update your firmware and it will never get locked again.

Q?: How do I get notified when my ZTE EE is unlocked?
A!: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your unlock on the device.

Q?: This works for any iOS software version of ZTE EE?
A!: Absolutely, works for any version and will keep unlocked if you upgrade your software in the future.

Valid for models

       New Models Old Models Old Models
       Blade V7 Blade X Axon M
       Blade A512 nubia Z17s nubia Z17 miniS
       Blade A110 nubia Z17 lite Blade Z Max
       Blade V9 Blade Force Tempo X
       Blade V9 Vita Blade A601 Grand X View 2
       Tempo Go Blade V7 Plus Quartz
nubia N2 nubia M2
nubia M2 lite nubia M2 Play
nubia Z17 Axon 7s
Max XL nubia Z17 mini
Blade A520 nubia N1 lite
Blade V8 Mini Blade V8 Lite
Blade A2 Plus Hawkeye
Blade V8 Pro Blade V8
Axon 7 Max Grand X4
Blade V7 Max nubia Z11 mini S
Axon 7 mini Warp 7
Zmax Pro nubia N1
nubia Z11 Max Axon 7
nubia Z11 Blade L110 (A110)
Grand X Max 2 nubia Z11 mini
Blade L5 Plus Blade V Plus
Blade A610 Blade A452
Blade A2 Blade V7 Lite
Axon Max nubia Prague S
Grand X 3 Avid Plus
Blade X9 Blade X5
Blade X3 Axon Watch
Axon Blade S7
Axon mini Zmax 2
Axon Elite nubia My Prague
Axon Lux Boost Max
Blade A460 Blade D6
Axon Pro Blade A410
Obsidian Grand X2
Sonata 2 Blade Apex 3
Maven Blade Q Pro
Blade Qlux 4G nubia Z9
Blade S6 Plus nubia Z9 Max
nubia Z9 mini Open L
Grand S3 Blade L3 Plus
Blade L3 Blade G Lux
Blade G V5 Lux
Blade S6 Imperial II
Grand X Max Star 2
Grand X Plus Z826 Speed
Grand S II Grand S Pro
Zinger Grand Xmax
Zmax Blade Vec 4G
Blade Vec 3G Kis 3 Max
nubia Z5S mini NX405H nubia Z7
nubia Z7 Max nubia Z7 mini
Blade L2 Kis 3
Blade G2 Redbull V5 V9180
Star 1 nubia X6
Grand Memo II LTE Open C
Open II Iconic Phablet
Sonata 4G Grand S II S291
nubia Z5S nubia Z5S mini NX403A
Grand S Flex Blade Q Maxi
Blade Q Blade Q Mini
Warp 4G Blade V
Blade G V880G Reef
Imperial Vital N9810
Grand X Pro Grand X2 In
Grand X Quad V987 Blade III Pro
Geek V975 Grand Memo V9815
Open Blade C V807
Director V81
Grand S Avid 4G
V889M V887
Kis III V790 Groove X501
nubia Z5 Flash
Anthem 4G Warp Sequent
Grand Era U895 Blade III
Grand X IN N880E
Grand X LTE T82 Grand X V970
U880E Score M
Light Tab 300 V96
PF 100 T98
Light Tab 3 V9S Era
PF112 HD Skate Acqua
Orbit Kis V788
V880E Nova 3.5
Nova 4 V8000 Nova Messenger
Style Q Style Messanger
V875 Blade II V880
N910 PF200
Optik Light Tab 2 V9A
Light Tab V9C FTV Phone
Chorus Memo
Tania Warp
Score Avail
V9 V9
N721 Skate
V821 Amigo
Racer II U900
Libra Rio
Blade Sage
X990D N290
N280 R230
R228 Dual SIM R228
R221 R220
S213 Salute F350
F107 E N72
Racer F951
X990 Bingo
X760 E811
Raise Xiang
A261 S302
F233 F912
F952 F928
F870 F600
F103 F101
F100 Coral200 Sollar


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