Unlock Cat EE


Estimated delivery time:  20 hours

Guaranteed delivery time: 2 – 48 hours

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Unlock Cat EE (Everything Everywhere)


  1. Only “clean” devices can be unlocked. Blacklisted, lost and/or stolen IMEIs will be rejected. Check if your device is clean here.
  2. In addition, only devices older than 6 months on EE can be unlocked.

More info

  • Unlock is safe, absolutely legal and permanent.  Guaranteed!
  • All Cat devices like iPhones, iPads and smartwatches get unlocked without a “code”. Customers just need to wait for our confirmation, then insert a non-EE SIM card and sync with iTunes or over WiFi. Read more here.
  • A CAT Phone is a ruggedised phone designed, manufactured and sold by Bullitt Group under the license of Caterpillar Inc. The range includes smartphones running on the Android operating system, standard feature phones and accessories. The first phone, the Cat B25, was announced and released in 2013. This license was granted by Caterpillar Inc. in 2012. The rugged range of phones is reported to be resistant to drops, dust, shocks, extreme temperatures and water, as well as being waterproof. The latest Cat phone – the thermal imaging integrated Cat S60 – is rated as waterproof to 5 meters depth for up to 1 hour. Source: Wikipedia

Frequently asked questions about Unlock Cat EE service

Q?: How much costs to unlock my Cat model from EE network carrier?
A!: It will only cost you 14.99£ with no further additional payments. That’s all.

Q?: Will this unlocking service work for sure?
A!: Of course, we unlock Cat EE within maximum 48h. We performed over 200.000 unlocks already!

Q?: Is this permanent? What if I update my firmware?
A!: Our service is a permanent solution for your device. You can update your firmware and it will never get locked again.

Q?: How do I get notified when my Cat EE is unlocked?
A!: You will receive an e-mail confirmation with easy-to-follow instructions on how to activate your unlock on the device.

Q?: This works for any iOS software version of Cat EE?
A!: Absolutely, works for any version and will keep unlocked if you upgrade your software in the future.

Valid for models

       New Models Old Models Old Models
       B30 S41 S31
       S61 S60 S30
  S40 B30
  B15 Q S50
  B15 B100


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