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Here is how to turn your iPhone into a Fitness Tracker

Do you recognize that you own unity of the best and powerful fitness tracker, I hear you asking what that is?

It is your iPhone; all you require is the right application to unlock the fitness tracking sensors of your iPhone.


Depending on how active you are (or intend to be), some combinations of applications work better than others. If you simply require keeping a record of your overall activity level – things like daily steps, rock climbing, sometimes jogging or biking -download Moves for Android (free) or IOS ($ 3). It reports walking, jogging and cycling, and gives an estimation of the calories burned through those activities. The application runs in the background, so do not worry about turning it on or off (for IOS 7 users, the new battery saving mode can save up to 40 percent in battery life) and shows your daily activities visually with a clear timeline.


In addition, you possess extra routine fitness regimen and looking for granular details about your exercises, and free applications such as Strava (cycle and run) and RunKeeper will do the trick. As the application moves, both activities tracked by GPS. However, it also adds a social element. With RunKeeper, you can create playlists to go with your workouts, which you can form easily in advance. You can arrange up alerts to evoke yourself of exercises, check out what other friends (from social media or your contacts) may up to. At the similarly time, the strava channels a competitive side, putting you against others for the highest times in “segments” (streets, trails or other popular roads) in your region. Both applications have the following excellent crossbreed platform, so you will get a wide range of inspiration and share your progress. Both applications enable you to track a wide scope of activities along with jogging and cycling, including hiking, skiing and swimming, and offering additional features if you update to a regular or yearly subscription.


Then there is the food division of the equation. Instead of an intelligent fork, use MyFitnessPal’s mobile app, which is available for IOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry. It allows you to enter the food you eat every day, as well as the daily activities of a powerful library of notable options. The application, which has a web portal that you can enter, permits you to set weight loss goals and calculates if you stay on track.


If accurate calories and sleep tracking data are a necessity, you will need to add a small accessory: Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor. Wahoo and Polar make devices that work with some of IOS and Android fitness applications. Applying a heart scale proctor enables you to adapt your exercises and receive a more accurate idea of the relationship between some exercises and their amount of calories. It will also give you a much more accurate description of the condition of your sleep when combined with an application such as Sleeper. This app only uses IOS (for now) heart rate data and its iPhone microphone to provide a much more scientific evaluation of how much sleep each night. He will even make recommendations on how to enhance your dream.




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