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The following are the Terms and Conditions relating to all orders placed with UK Unlocks. Upon ordering from our website you confirm your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


1.1 UNLOCKCELLPHONE never ask for additional payments like our competitors. The final price for any unlock service is described in the product's page.
1.2 The service of sourcing and supplying any unlock solution begins at the point payment has been received from a customer. Any timeframes stated are a calculation of the previous weeks unlocks and are given as a guideline, NOT a guarantee.
1.3 We offer official imei unlocking services
1.4 We offer network lookup services

2.1 Due to the nature of our supply chain, it is not possible for customers to cancel the service once payment has been received.

3.1 All of the services offered on this website are entirely legal in Europe and North America. If you are ordering from outside of these two continents, please check your local jurisdiction before ordering.

4.1 It is assumed that the customer has read the information on the website.

5.1 It is the customers responsibility to check the compatibility of their handset with the network they intend to use once unlocked.
5.2 If customers intend to use a network after performing an unlock, they should first ensure that the handset they are unlocking has not been reported lost, stolen or abused by entering the IMEI at Lost, stolen and abused handsets are barred/blocked once reported and cannot be used inside the country it was blocked in.
5.3 Certain networks will be subject to an additional charge if they are in-contract or under 6 months old - this is stated prior to purchase. If you are unwilling to make the additional payment, we cannot refund the original payment.

6.1 All prices and delivery times are as quoted. Delivery times are guidelines set by the relative networks.
6.2 These delivery times are variable and can decrease as well as increase without notice - this will apply to all unlock providers as well as ourselves - if your unlock is in progress we will immediately notify you of any changes to delivery times and keep you informed right up to the point of unlocking.

All of the products on our websites are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the product they are ordering will be delivered in good faith and will be fit for purpose. In order to protect the legitimacy of this guarantee for all parties concerned, the guarantee itself is subject to the following terms:
7.1 Guarantee does not apply where handset appears to be BLOCKED (Handsets are blocked in the if reported lost, stolen or abused).
7.2 Guarantee applies only if our attempt to unlock your iPhone returns an 'unavailable' report to our server.

8.1 Completion of the unlock process is made by email notification to the email address provided, simple instructions to complete the unlock procedure by connecting to iTunes is contained in our website at the following address

9.1 No changes can be made to orders which have been fulfilled where customer error has occurred in relation to the provision of data about the handset. Nor can refunds be provided in this instance. Be sure to input correctly all data
9.2 In circumstances where an order is yet to be completely fulfilled and customer has provided incorrect data, we will endeavour to cancel any existing order and replace it with new order details. If we are able to cancel the existing order successfully, the delivery time of any such new order will be from the point of change and not from the point of the first sale being processed. We cannot guarantee cancellation. If we are unable to cancel the order, the customer would be required to re-order with correct details.

10.1 This state means that it has not been possible to unlock the phone and further investigation is required to discover the reason for this.

11.1 It is not necessary to restore your handset unless you have a jailbroken device in case of iPhone, in which case the jailbreak must be removed prior to unlocking (you can re-apply it afterwards without a problem).
11.2 Customers who have a jailbroken iPhone prior to unlocking are strongly advised to make sure that their 'Contacts', 'Messages' and any other important data is properly backed up and synced with iTunes prior to attempting any unlocking procedure. We will not accept responsibility for the loss of customer data should this occur for any reason.

12.1 Voucher is valid only for active subscribers. You must purchase an unlock using the same e-mail as used in subscribing the offer.
12.2. Voucher is valid for 30 purchases each month.
12.3 Each Voucher code is valid for the current month. Each new month we will mail you with a new valid voucher code.
12.4 Voucher code is not valid for Google Pixel EE phone unlock since we already offer the lowest price across the Internet.