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Smishing or phishing SMS

Smartphone users on alert: learn more about smishing attacks

Billions of people handle mobile devices thousands of times every day. Everyone now socially through apps and text messaging. Mobile devices are a great tool for communicating with one or the other; however, privacy and Internet hackers can be a risk factor to consider when thinking about cybersecurity.

Build your device or Build your risk

There are cybercriminals who will try to hack an individual’s phone to access emails, contacts, photos, and applications that may combined with bank records. This is really a new threat in the world of BYOD (bring your own device). However, when estimating the abbreviation for BYOD, it seems that D represents the danger, fairly than the device. The reason for D in abbreviation seems to represent the greatest risk is that smiching. A new form of mobile piracy.

What is smishing?

Smishing or phishing SMS consists of sending fake and false text messages, claiming that the mobile user has won a free product. Within a fake text message, a fake URL link will entice the victim to click on the link. After the user clicks on the link, that is, when piracy starts.

It is possible to preclude you from becoming a victim of smishing. Here are ten key helpful suggestions on how to avoid smishing.

10 useful tips on preventing SMiShing

Do not click any message with links. Also, consider who sent the message. Is it someone you know?

Do not answer to text messages that asked about your personal money.

If you received a message about your business assets or partnerships with them and/or your partner bank, please communicate your business or company to see if it is a legitimate request before responding.

Note messages that contain “5000” or any number other than a mobile number. Fraudsters hide their identities so that their location and identity cannot traced in this strategy.

If text messages (along with an unknown number) ask for a quick response, this is a clear sign of smashing! Do not answer!

Conduct extensive research before responding to any message. There are lots of sites that allow anyone to run a search based on a phone number and see no relatable information about whether the number is illegal or not.

Do not call again with a phone number linked with the text you do not know.

If the message says, “Dear user, congratulations, I have won …” It is a clear sign to be a being and be real, nothing is free of life.

Check the time the unknown message addressed. If the text message sent at an unusual time, then this is another sign of smishing.

Be sure to know and inform the policy of your banking applications. It is important to recognize a policy that protects your money with other personal information associated with your bank statement.

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