iPhone X Plus Upcoming
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The OLED screen of the iPhone X Plus will be manufactured by LG, not by Samsung.

Samsung and LG, war for the mobile screen market.

Apple would be preparing an iPhone X with 6.5-inch screen to launch throughout this year and according to rumor the manufacturer of said OLED screen will be LG Display, not Samsung as in the case of the current iPhone X.

Barely two months have passed since the launch of the new iPhone X, but rumors about the upcoming terminals of the Cupertino company already occupy pages and pages on the Internet. According to sources close to the company to The Investor, Apple will turn to LG Display, the division of Lg responsible for manufacturing the screens, to take care of the 6.5-inch panel that will carry its new smartphone, iPhone X Plus.

In this way, Apple would ensure not to depend on a single manufacturer for the production of their screens, with Samsung being responsible for the smaller panels and Lg, of the largest.

Specifically, according to The Investor, for this year there are two types of OLED screen without borders for the iPhone, one that would be between 5.8 and 6 inches (of which Samsung will be responsible), and another of 6.5.We would then face the change in the size of the terminal or the expansion of the iPhone X family.

LG Display has accelerated its plans to enter the business of mobile panels in 2017 and its screens are used in terminals such as Google Pixel 2XL or LG V30, although both have suffered problems related to colors on the screen.

Analysts expect that this segment, which also includes the screens of tablets, wearables and even the central consoles of cars, is one of the fastest growing in the coming years as manufacturers are incorporating this technology in their products.

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