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Nokia 9, The New Devices Presented By The Company.

Since the Nokia 8, it has been a long time for the company to present another device, so there are many other things that Nokia presented with its new Nokia 9.

It is expected that the company of a coup of authority in the market present for the high-end phone that will compete with all the badges of each company.
Compared to its predecessor, the Nokia 8, rumours indicate that the Nokia 9 shows a 5.5-inch OLED screen, Snapdragon, and rumours indicate that it has a double front camera, although this information can not be certified, but what about ? Yes, we are? Sure Nokia will want to compete with the largest phones in the market, so for this new Nokia 9 we can have great expectations.

When can you buy this phone?

Its launch date can not be said with certainty in the future, although the footnotes indicate that it is the end of January or the beginning of February, so for the first quarter of this year we will have the new smartphone of Nokia

Can the new Nokia 9 be unlocked?

As for unlocking the red, as soon as the phone reaches the stores, we immediately offer the unlocking service, so we will process the application of your phone with six months of use with the company that acquired it is not in the blacklist, we will be happy to unlock your SIM EE / O2 / Orange / T-Mobile / Tesco / Three / Vodafone / Virgin.

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