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What could be the new iPhone X2

He still does not have this specific information on this device, but he does know that Apple does not stop at the innovation of its new devices.

Beyond all, we can assume that the design of the iPhone X2 is probably similar to the iPhone X, since Apple does not redesign their phones every year. It is also safe to have Face ID, a new chipset (possibly called A12, but with a new name to follow A10 Fusion and A11 Bionic), and a dual lens rear camera, although it is likely that once it has improved.

When the iPhone X2 was launched?

There are no rumours of the release date, but Apple tends to keep a calendar with the versions of its phones, which means it sees the iPhone XI in September 2018.
More specifically, based on previous versions, probably one or two weeks are announced until September. Apple mobile phones arrive in stores for a couple of weeks later, so by the end of September you can buy the iPhone X2.

Can it be unlocked?

As soon as the phone arrives at the stores, the equipment unlocking service will be offered immediately, so the download time of your cell phone will be processed, with 6 months of use with the company that purchased it and will not be found on the blacklist. Happy to unlock your SIM EE / O2 / Orange / T-Mobile / Tesco / Three / Vodafone / Virgin.

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