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Lg wants to dominate the market with its new LG G7

Many will wonder why to buy this new phone? What can this phone do that I do not have? If I buy it, can they unlock my phone?, Because the answers to all those questions we have.

Why buy this new phone?

The LG G7, the new LG offensive, is expected for the first days of 2018, especially between January and February of the new year. There are not many LG G7 rumours yet, but we've heard reports that LG plans to switch to OLED displays on its flagships by the end of 2017, which, if true, means the LG G7 is likely to benefit from blacks. More blacks and vivid images for which OLED is known. And the LG G7 could also be very powerful, with a source claiming that LG is already working with Qualcomm to ensure that the G7 uses the Snapdragon 845, which is likely to be the flagship of 2018. That would make sense, since many criticized the G6 for the use of the Snapdragon 821 with date, and LG will not want to make the same mistake twice.
What can this phone do that does not do what I already have?
You can bet that LG will shoot to have the most powerful phone next year, or at least part of its competitors.

If I buy it, can they unlock my phone?

If you are wondering if we can unlock this phone, the answer is yes. In summary, you unlock request will be made if your phone is more than six months old and is not on the blacklist. We will be happy to unlock your SIM EE / T-Mobile / Orange.

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