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What we know about the new Google Pixel 3

The first rumours suggest that three Pixel phones will be announced, but keep in mind that this was also the case in 2017 and that only two new Pixel phones were announced.

The so-called code names include Crosshatch, Albacora and Blueline, according to Droid Life, although there is talk that Google will simply reference them internally as A, B and C to hide their details from the outside world.

2018 could be the year that Google increases RAM to 6 GB, while storage is likely to be maintained at 64 GB and 128 GB.
Google knows that its users do not want the reduced specifications just because a phone has a smaller screen, so we expect to see the Snapdragon 845 processors running the program on all Pixel 3 models. This is a 7nm chip that is faster and 30% more efficient than before, thanks to a Kryo 385 octa-core CPU with four high-power 2.8GHz cores and four low-power 1.8GHz cores.

When is the release date of Pixel 3?

Google has been quite consistent with its Pixel smartphone launches, which makes the next release date easy to guess.
The original Google Pixel was released again on October 4, 2016, which was Tuesday. Then it went on sale on Tuesday, October 25 of that same year.
Then, on Wednesday, October 4, Google Pixel 2 was announced last year, exactly the same date as the debut of the original phone. However, it went on sale more quickly and landed in stores on Thursday, October 19.
Based on that brief history, we expect Google to announce Google Pixel 3 on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

As far as a specific Google Pixel 3 release date is concerned, we would assume that it would fall somewhere between October 16 and 18 this year.

Will they be able to unlock Google Pixel 3?

We will be very anxious waiting for the arrival of this new device to stores in the United Kingdom, as it will surely be one of the best teams launched during the year.

At the time of its release, we will offer the unlocking service for this device, so you can use it with all operators without restrictions.

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