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IPhone 8 face unlock. The new IOS feature

The head highlight of the expected iPhone will be its sense to unlock without even touching it, according to various reports.

iPhone 8 Facial Recognition


The phone will be authorized to use facial identification technology to see its owner in simply a thin hundred milliseconds, according to new leaks from both The Korea Herald and Bloomberg. That highlight will be the iPhone’s “crown jewel” that will attend as its most innovative peculiarity, the latter reported.

News about Apple’s facial recognition have swirled for months and seemed too verified by leaked iPhone code that made its way on the internet. However, it was not explained how it would really work, and bad experiences with related technology led some to worry that the feature could be a confusion.

iPhone 8 Facial Recognition

The new reports insist that the feature will be amazingly fast, as being more safe and accurate. It will additionally accommodate a range of features never before seen, like infrared cameras that will allow it to see in the dark and processors that will allow it recognize people’s faces as if the phone is laying on a desk, for instance.

Together, the developments to those facial recognition features indicate they will seemingly be amongst the best ways of marketing the phones at their launch next month. Apple expected to center on its brand that different design and other updates like enhanced screen technology.

As letting the phone to unlock from afar and without any effort, the highlight is also required because of the design of the phone. The point that it has now bezel or chin at the base of the handset means that there is no place for the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that currently unlocks it, meaning that different solution needed.

Face-recognition unlocking on the Galaxy S8

Other companies including Samsung already made face and eye recognition on their phones. However, they blighted by a failure to recognize very fast, or with enough certainty to make the feature a reliable security mechanism.

It is really difficult to tell how Apple will market the expected iPhone, especially since its produce will be so different to any iPhone that made before it. Such rumors also experience the similar problem as people trying to know how Apple will name the product. The firm apparently has not decided yet, and even if it could change its mind before the phone is really released.

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