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Great expectation for the new HTC U12

Currently, it is known that the company is in the process of manufacturing this phone, although it does not know the specifications and characteristics of it, so it can only speculate on this information.

There are many rumours that the HTC U12, could incorporate a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 inside, which is already possible that some of its features have been filtered. This is accompanied by a 6 GB RAM.

In the section of the camera, the HTC U12 would bring a double rear sensor and a double front, so the terminal had a total of four cameras, which greatly improves the quality of our photos and selfies. In addition, the screen would be 5.7 inches with Full HD resolution and only have two places, depending on the filtered rendering. It is also quite likely that Edge Sense technology that users like so much, even better, as they say Android Finest.

When is the release date?

It is not known exactly when this phone will go on the market, you can only continue with the speculation about the device, and what the rumours say is that approximately between the months of May and June this device will be released.

Be that as it may, these data have not yet been confirmed, since there is not enough information to guarantee that everything we have just said is true.

Can it be unlocked?

As always, it offers the best option to unlock your EE Orange / O2 / T-Mobile / Tesco / Three / Virgin Vodafone phone.

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