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Google Pixel from EE UK, possible to unlock?

We are receving quite a few questions about Google Pixel -and Pixel XL- SIM unlocks so we have deceided to make things clear for you 🙂

Almost all Google Pixel phones are already unlocked when you buy them. That is true for devices bought directly from Google Store. It is also true for phones bought from any service provider. For instance, if you got  it from Verizon USA, it will be "SIM" unlocked.

Let´s say this other way: most Google Pixels are SIM unlocked so you can use them with any SIM card in the world... with the exception of EE/T-Mobile/Orange UK that are SIM locked.

Your next question is going to be: "ok, ok, ok... can you unlock Google Pixel from EE/TMobile/Orange UK?".

No and yes.

EE UK and their other sub-brands announced Pixel and Pixel XL on the 5th October 2016 and released it on the 20th October. On the 17 February 2017, to start selling on the 24th that month, they announced a special "really blue" edition, exclusive to them, but that is a story for another post.

There is a general requirement for EE UK unlock service. You can only request an unlock with "cheap" service if device is older than SIX months old. And, by "older", we do not mean "manufactured", it means "used more than six months in advance UNDER the coverage of their network. So, no luck if your phone does not meet this requirement, and no luck if your phone has only been used abroad of the UK.

We have been unlocking them since the 21st May 2017.

To sum up, your unlock request will go through if you phone is older than six months -and not blacklisted-.  We will be happy to SIM unlock your EE/T-Mobile/Orange UK Google Pixel, XL included.

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