Yes, you will get a refund if your phone is not unlocked. If you have a non-Apple device and we provided an unlock code, you will be refunded if you send us video showing that your phone is not unlocked. There is no refund if your phone has iCloud activated but you do not know the details, so make sure iCloud is disabled or you know your details before submitting your order.
We have a tool to check if Apple devices are locked or unlocked. Any one can check Apple devices unlock status, not only us. If we check and device is locked, yes, we will issue a refund. 99% of cases the user is not applying the unlock correctly, please, follow step by step our instructions!
It means that it is in the "blacklist" of network operators for some reason. Mainly because of fraud, reported lost, stolen or insurance claim.
You should ask that question to the person that sold the device to you.
Yes, sure. Have a look at out section check blacklist and easly find our if your phone is blacklisted.
That´s a question for the Police, not for us đŸ™‚
That´s a weird question, we are unlocking phones! If your customer did not pay to you, let us know, we will try to help you.
No. Unless it was replied with an "error" or it was rejected because not old enough as dictate some carrier requirements.
It means working days in the country where the network's phone locked belongs to. Thus, weekends, Christmas, Easter, National Days, etc are NOT business days!
No. If you submit an order and it gets unlocked but FMI is active, you will have an expensive brick if you do not know iCloud details. We will not issue a refund sorry (too many people tried to get a refund faking that they forgot FMI details).
We can not, sorry.
Phones in some countries are unlocked, you do not have to pay for unlocking them, obviously. Nonetheless, we unlock phones from "other" countries where they are sold locked to customers. For instance, if you buy a EE UK phone and you bring it to Italy (where phones are sold unlocked) you will not be able to use it with an Italian SIM card, you will need to unlock it and we will happily do it.
Yes and no. You do not need to unlock it if you keep using a SIM card from the network that the phone is locked to. For instance: if your phone is locked to O2 UK and you use an O2 UK SIM card in Spain, you do not need to unlock it (you may have to pay roaming, but that´s a different problem). If you would like to use a any Orange SIM card, yes, you will need to unlock it.
No. SIM unlocks only works for carriers that use SIM cards (that is, GSM networks), CDMA carriers does not use SIM cards. You need to buy a CDMA phone!
No. There are some phones that are GSM+CDMA compatible... but you need to talk with your network provider to make sure it will work.
Not usually. By "unlock" you usually refer to "SIM unlock". By "unblock" you usually refer to "blacklist unblock" or to "iCloud unblock". SIM unlocking your phone has nothing to do with unblocking or not unblocking. You might have an unlocked phone that it blocked... that will be of no help. Please, do not submit "blocked" phones, because there is no refund if they are "unlocked".