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Freaky and Fun Halloween Apps for iPhone & iPad

Halloween is simply around the corner, and we have accumulated the most terrifying, entertaining and most entertaining Halloween apps for you. From helping you decide on a disguise to pull scary jokes on friends to find the best chase, we covered by this Halloween!

DigitalDudz – iPhones & iPads

Morph DigitalDudz is an awesome free application that brings your clothes to life! It is the easiest and epic way to control your Halloween and Christmas party this year. All you have to do is download this free application, play animations that match your Morph product and DigitalDudz and then put your phone in a secure pocket on your jacket, shirt or suit.

Attach your mobile device to your own dude’s digital t-shirt

A strategically placed front cut hole allows you to make an impressive Halloween costume

All designs are 100% original

You can get digitalDudz at

Halloween Alarm Clock

The unique alarm clock exactly designed to awaken the dead. Why do you get up for pure sounds or whistles when you can excited each morning for a zombie, a vampire, a ghost, a werewolf or a witch? Choose your favorite Halloween sound or let the application randomly pick one for you at a time.

Features include:

20 Halloween sounds, including vampires, monsters, witches, zombies, ghosts, wolves, Halloween music and more.

Play sounds by just clicking the name

Snooze configurations for each alarm.

Enter your alarms to facilitate editing later – Create as many alarms and reminders as you wish!

Specify on which days each alarm repeated.

Feature: FREE and content updates!

You can get   Halloween Alarm Clock

Free Halloween Sounds Pro – for iPhone

With Halloween sound Pro, you can play endless jokes on friends and enemies alike.

With the Trickeration Timer option, you can choose the sound (there is 15 of them until you find the correct one) and set the timer. Then just hide the device and exit. When the timer reaches zero … bingo … it plays a scary sound.

However, hey, it gets better. Bluetooth Mode Buffoonery lets you control the second device remotely via Bluetooth. Hide a device and click away from the other from a safe distance. Now, this Halloween play! Only one of the devices must have Halloween Pro sound effects, the device that will commanded remotely can have free Halloween sounds installed. Just start the application on both mobiles and click the Bluetooth button. Once you see, the list of nearby devices be sure to pick a device only in the unity of the menus. If you choose on both devices, you will be confused.

In addition, you get all the free Halloween sound effects. 15 nerve sounds and a terrifying soundtrack that plays scary soundtracks and adds scary sounds on top of it. The perfect sound to deliver treats or music of great humor for a costume party.

Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun – Kids – for iPhone & iPad

Get free Halloween costume ideas for kids with this app! The only application with more than 5000+ fashion ideas!

“Great costume ideas! Having an option to buy the actual costume is very comfortable!”

“Really cute outfits! Excellent app”

“The first thing I got on my iPhone, but it’s the best way on the iPad!

Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents magazine – for iPhone & iPad

Pumpkin Carving from Parents® is easier and safer

(No knives involved!) Choose from five different pumpkin patterns, then create your design, or choose from our library of idiot’s eyes, nose, and mouths. Add a message and be active to share your creation with all your friends! This tool is easy to navigate, take anywhere ideal for families to follow. Parent Magazine Products Help parents celebrate the joys of parents and growing children in a healthy, safe, and loving environment.


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