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Everything you should know about the iPhone X

Apple’s celebrated tenth anniversary for iPhone with a special edition named iPhone X.

Announced at an Apple campus event at Steve Jobs Theater by Tim Cook: “It’s really amazing how the iPhone affects the world every day” It was Lavon’s device X the topic of rumors for several months, now all official details have been revealed.

Tim Cook said it was “the biggest leap forward from the original iPhone”. It is not clear iPhone X, it is a “ten” iPhone, the screen picks up the entire front panel of the phone. It created from surgical grade stainless steel, glass on the back panel. It is waterproof and dustproof, available in gray space and silvered.

The OLED screen – the first on the iPhone – named the Super Retina screen, measuring 5.8 inches, with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. Apple says it has cured issues with the brightness and color accuracy that OLED screens sometimes experienced in the past and added Dolby Vision and HDR10 support for stunning video playback. TrueTone also features a dynamic white balance, a feature also seen on the 10.5 – iPad, the new iPhone 8 model.

The device designed to be instinctive to use, also there is no button on the front, because of the dimension of the screen. It depends on the access to the main screen, or you can use raise-to-wake, or touch the screen to start. These gestures work through the running system, multitasking, and application output. Siri still activated by sound, or by using the larger side button. Double-click the Side Suspend / Activate key to activate Apple push.

Face ID

To open the iPhone X without a start button, Apple introduced a ,face recognition which calls the ID face. It works with the TrueDepth camera system, hidden in the notch at the top of the screen. A quick look at the phone and shine your face ready for an infrared camera to select it. Therefore, it works in the dark. By Using the Bionic A11, chip.

Neural Drive handles the image in real time and has specially built to mathematically map the shape and characteristics of its face.

Apple claims that it does not confuse hairstyles, or if you wear a hat, or if you like to have a beard. There are protections against masks, images, and face data is stored in a secure pocket inside the Bionic A11 chip.

Do not worry about being petty protected than other biometric systems. It is not like, Apple says.

Opportunity for someone else to open your phone with Touch ID is 1 in 50,000, but for the FACE ID is one in a million. For Apple pay, it needs you to look at the phone when you pay, and work with existing applications that use the Touch ID for authentication.

Camera, A11 Bionic chip, and AR

The iPhone X camera has a 12-megapixel rear camera with double visual image stabilization, consisting of a wide-angle f / 1.8-aperture lens and an f / 2.4 fuse-aperture lens. The 7-megapixel front camera now supports image mode and has automatic image stabilization and exposure control. The new Image Signal Wizard offers advanced Apple pixel processing and a new color filter. The two cameras use the new original lighting effect included in the iPhone 8, and the new improved features. The video has also optimized with movies from 4K resolution to 60fps, plus sluggish motion video at 240fps.

It retains the Bionic A11 chip of the iPhone 8, a high-efficiency 64-bit processor with a new graphics unit designed by Apple, which has a speed 30 percent faster than the present unit does.

It has six cores, the best performance of the A10 fusion chip. Proposed achievement of the cores to contribute a 25 percent increase, increasing 70 percent of the four-core performance. The interior is a battery that will provide two hours more use than the iPhone 7 Plus, and has a wireless charge. Apple will offer a wireless charging mat named Airpower to energize the phone, set or AirPods, and Apple Watch at the same time.

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