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Essential Must-Have apps for Apple Watch


The first day that you own Apple Watch is an unusual day,  I’m not really sure if you demand to stick with the program to get the right tool out of the box, or you want to dive with a collection of apps that already have over 3000 powerful.

Nothing too hard yet, just needs. This is a basic mix of the start day.

  1. GNEO

Easily one of the most beautiful minimal applications on the Apple Watch so far, designer Gabor Balogh shows GNEO. This application blends your calendar, priority tasks and reminders to create a simple and friendly application.

Visual signals, layout, and content of points. The creators of Apple Watch at Apple can easily design this app. You can grab GNEO for iPhone and Apple Watch now.

  1. Day One

What is the valid way to capture your first day with the Apple watch using the application to gather every bit of media around it?

With one day, you work with dictation and rapid capture of position data, as check-in and located attachments.

You will get a date and time follows up, as the ability to attach the latest photo you took with your iPhone or iPad. Within the Apple Watch app is also the ability to traverse recent entries, stars and delete.

One day is $ 4.99 from the Bloom Built, Lake Store.

  1. Dark Sky

The Dark Sky Weather application gives you precise rain forecasts in your region for the following hours. This is necessary.

This application also looks pretty high and provides a truly intuitive set of movements for Apple Watch, providing even competition for Apple’s own time application.

Dark Sky is accessible through the Apple Store for $ 3.99 USD.

  1. Twitter

Naturally, Twitter works on the Apple Watch. It actually pretty well designed, besides, especially for the beginning time iteration on a new platform.

Normally, you use Twitter on your phone or desktop device. Not so much, Small responses can begin. Twitter is available on the Apple Store for all Apple mobile devices.

  1. Citymapper

As an app of the earliest applications selected by Apple to be released from Apple Watch, and which appears as one of the earliest applications in Apple’s vision of Apple Watch, it is un- necessary to give much impulse to the application Citymapper to see it outside the door. However, that is what we will do here anyway because it is very cool.

You should use CityMapber to work with public transportation in many major cities around the world. New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Singapore and more.

You could get Citymapper from the App Store immediately for all Apple mobile phones, also Apple Watch.

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