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Best 5 apps for IOS that Android dreams to have

The iPhone works with IOS, Apple’s own operating system and Apple has its own SDK (software development kit) for application manufacturers. These combined with iPhone devices to allow applications and games on the iPhone that do not – and sometimes cannot – exist in rivals such as Android. Some of these exclusive iPhone apps are from Apple, but many third-party developers choose to stay on with IOS to get the technical capabilities they offer or why they prefer the audience to get there.
Either way, every app on this list is only available on the iPhone and the iPad – Android users have no luck.


One of the most powerful IOS applications is Apple’s IMOVIE.
With IMovie and iPhone (or iPad), anyone can record, edit and share incredibly inventive home movies. Many templates make it easy to add titles, translations, and special effects. You will not find IMovie on Android. You may find some applications to make movies, but we do not believe you find a powerful video editor like IMOVIE on Android.

GarageBand for IOS

If iMovie turns someone into a director, GarageBand will convert users to musicians.
GarageBand is a creative suite of music from Apple that allows you to configure a symphony to a ringtone on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You can even connect an electric guitar or similar instrument directly to your iPad or iPhone (with the right accessories!) In addition, record directly into the smart application engine. The results can be incredible and what is essentially a free resource, Apple has done a favor. If you are a musician, then iPhone and GarageBand partnership is priceless.

Apple IWork: Pages, Keynote, and Numbers

Free with new IOS devices
Get pages from the App Store
Get numbers from the store
Get the keyword from the store
If Microsoft Office is not your favorite, then Apple has amazing iWork apps available for the iPhone. Pages, Keynote, and Numbers allow you to create visually stunning documents on your iPhone or iPad.
It is incredibly easy to access and edit pages, keyboard and document numbers on your Mac device, or from anywhere across iCloud.


The cameras from the latest iPhone are really impressive, but the camera + gives an incredible boost to all of them.
With advanced lens options, editing effects and more, your iPhone is really the only camera that you need to carry with you. Is exclusively for IOS.

Infinity Blade III

When you want to see what iPhone or iPad is graphically proficient, of then this is the game to download.
Infinity Blade III is the best amazing graphically mobile game in the presence and settles the only IOS sense.

Opinion Podcasts

If you require creating your personal Podcast, this app takes all movement. Registration, edition, and publishing: you can publish applications like Sound Cloud, Twitter, Facebook and Google Drive, as well as the Podcast directory for iTunes. The easy interface makes a hard task to record and creates without professional studio equipment more easily for everyone with an iPad or iPhone.


One of the best IOS client applications Twitter is Tweety Top, now in version 4. It enables detailed control of your Twitter account and granular levels of handle notifications, feeds, keywords and third party support for things like video.It is a turbo version of the usual Twitter app, so if you are already addicted, this will assist you to guide your tweeting through the next high level. It now has full support for Apple Clock.

Vesper. Elegant Notes

Vesper is one of the greatest applications to take notes only for IOS. Their flexibility is their strength; you can organize all kinds of observations, ideas, images, and ideas into any order that works for you.
You can make full backups of everything, as well as archive the old notes so you furthermore have, but they are non- frontal and decentralized within the application. It works on iPhone and iPad, so you can receive everything synchronized no matter which device you are currently using.
Vesper used for a cost of £ 7.99 / $ 7.99, but is now available completely free, making it more attractive.



To do list on smart phones are two pence, but often more difficult than helpful. As its name suggests, this is a little clearer. It boasts of being simple to use as writing tool with the benefits of always being with you through all devices.
The interface is simple and intuitive and easily integrates into your IOS device to remember existing but non-intrusive places, such as a drop-under menu. With the support of Apple Watch, the clear stitch will help the “do not forget” tasks along with ease.
If you are not happy with the reasonable, check out some other popular fertility apps for IOS.


If free speaking is specific role of your job or if you just have a nervous talk about shows at work, this could be the application for you. This is an affordable voice training application designed to signal when ‘um’ and ‘er’ – and therefore Ummo.

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