Apple recognizes that security failures in chips also affect their devices
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Apple recognizes that security failures in chips also affect their devices.

The company prepares new protection measures to alleviate these deficiencies

The computer company Apple has confirmed this Thursday in a statement that the security deficiencies recently detected in microchips installed in millions of computers around the world also affect their devices (Mac systems and iOS devices). The company has reported that it has already begun to prepare protections to remedy the current situation.

The confirmation of this giant of the computer science arrives after the company Intel assure that the security problems are present in products of several suppliers and not only to them. The technology magazine The Register uncovered on Tuesday that Intel processors manufactured in the last decade have a serious security failure.

Apple explained that the iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, and tvOS 11.2 systems have available protections and has said that in the coming days they will continue to provide patches to cover their entire range of products. In addition, the company has acknowledged that “there are no known attacks that are affecting our customers at this time.”

The British chain BBC has explained that, at the moment, two “defects” have been detected in Intel systems: the Specter, which mainly affects the chips of smartphones, tablets and computers with Intel, ARM and AMD processors; and the Meltdown, which interferes with laptops, desktops and internet servers.

The company based in Santa Clara (USA) has begun to “provide software and firmware updates (internal software) to minimize these vulnerabilities.” Intel is committed to providing maximum security to its products and customers, and is collaborating closely with many other technology companies – including AMD, ARM Holdings and several operating system providers – to develop a mechanism to solve this problem throughout the sector immediately and constructively, “the company said.

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