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Fast summary of Apple Conference Event on 12 September 2017

12th September at 10am PDT at Steve Jobs Theatre.

Apple fans, mass media, curious people, Chinese, African people, almost everybody came to the first-ever event at the brand new Steve Jobs Theatre in this annually usual presentation event, hosted this time by Tim Cook.

“Welcome to the Steve Jobs Theatre

…was the first message Apple wants to send to the people assisting the event physically and online streaming. The main entrance slogan was

Apple wants to keep us, us!

Steve Jobs was the main Apple itself DNA tribute. Called genius for his vision and passion, Tim honoured him for five minutes. Before presenting the new products for 2017 and 2018 they made a call to everyone to donate for Texas and Florida’s recent disasters. Hand in Hand is the association in charge of collecting donations from iTunes and App Store. Creation of new Apple products are made with 100% renewable solar energy and its an innovation itself for this industry.

Today at Apple is the new feature in Apple retails stores. People can learn how to improve photography skills, coding, teachers can improve productivity, and much more things. They certainly invite you to visit their brick and mortar stores. Apple is starting to play a new role in our communities. Apple Michigan Avenue in Chicago is a new project to transform the city view creating a place for Apple fans to get together.


Apple Watch is number one sold watch in the world, in front of Rolex. Apps for sport like running for blind people suit perfectly with Apple watches. The new series 3 has cellular built-in with its own SIM card. The great feature about this gadget is alert on high heart rhythm when you are not doing any sport activity, a way to take care of you and maybe, save your life. Apple Heart Study tries, among other features, to avoid atrial fibrillation working in cooperation with Stanford Medicine University. Listen to music, answer calls, read messages, use maps and many other features directly from your Apple Watch series 3. Available from September 19-22 on stores.


Apple TV 4K in the next evolution of television experience. High Dynamic Range or HDR enhance colours to deliver the highest picture quality ever. Remarkable faster than older version it has 4x CPU speed. Focused on entertainment like live sports, TV serials and movies offer a realistic vision of entertainment. September 22 in retail stores.


  • Some new physical features:
  • Aerospace- grade aluminium
  • 7-layer colour process
  • 50% deeper strengthening layer
  • Glass design reinforced by steel
  • Water resistant
iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has 2 built-in cameras and a new feature called Portrait lightning using both cameras to create professional photography studios effect. The Highest video quality ever taken on a smartphone and 1080p at 240 fps for slow motion videos among with improved augmented reality are some features for iPhone’s new camera. Improvements like wireless charging, new A11 Bionic Chip and much more technical stuff inside that we can’t even imagine, but we can now experience.
And, the most expected features of all! The future of the smartphone starts with iPhone X or iPhone Ten. It’s beautiful to look at because it’s all screen. Super Retina Display in a 5.8 inches at 458 ppi and a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels. No home button, just slide from bottom-up to go home even being inside of an app. Also, Face ID is a way to look at your phone and unlock it instantly at a glance. Touch ID has 1 in 50.000 fail case. Face ID has 1 in a 1.000.000 fail case.
Animoji is another great software feature to create and share emoji with your own face and animate them with your own expressions. You can also send audio messages with animoji using your own expressions. Available in retail stores on October 3rd at a price of $999

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