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5 Must-See IOS Autism Apps for kids

Applications for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can used to be useful for learning and social development, according to Dena Aucoin, M.Ed., Assistant Academic Head of the Educational Studies Program of the University of Kaplan.
“They allow learning in many places, which helps to mainstream skills,” says Barenting. “For example, if we only know the experience to greet others in the classroom, we might see limited success in trying to greet others in a supermarket.”
Here are five apps that our experts recommend trying


“IProMaps is the highly recommended application to support organizational experiences, set performance expectations, create support or hidden reminders,” says Aguayo. Users can produce and modify visible tables, as well as use the countdown with picture support to intimate how long a task or action will last.
Cost: $ 49.99, available for iPhone and iPad.

2- Autism Track

That application presented to you by the creators of iPrompts and designed for parents of children with the ASD to help them track the data.
“That organizable data tracking app allows parents to simply trace behaviors, interventions, and symptoms in only one area,” says Aguayo. “Acts and symptoms, as well as medications and special dosages, dietary changes, and treatments, can also reviewed by parents. With school and medical supplier to inform treatment planning
This application is particularly useful for children with severe behaviors, psychological conditions or both. ”
Cost: Free to $ 9.99, depending on version, ready for iPhone and iPad.

3- Stories2Learn

“S2L offers parents and teachers the ability to create personal stories using pictures, text messages, and voice,” explains Aucoin. “We can use these tales to improve literacy, recreation as well as social skills.” The application supports interoperability, non-verbal communication, playground and school rules, taking turns, and more.
Cost: $ 13.99, available for iPhone and iPad.

4- The Social Express

This interactive online program speaks about the basic areas of disability that hamper the school, social and life success of children with social learning problems. Use an “interactive and highly visual” presentation and animation to help children to practice social skills in an interactive way. According to Aucoin, this application “The application is characterized by rich graphics, clear sound and has a high level in all the features of the application.”
Cost: Free for the second version, monthly and annual rates available for iPad.

5- Learn with Rufus

This application uses a child-friendly personality to teach words of feelings, facial reactions related to emotions, other senses, assist developing language, and familiar life skills.

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