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5 Incredible Productivity Apps for the iPhone

How often do you check your phone? Much exceeding than you recognize, I assure you. You really can get in the action of doing the work those values. It looks not to be like that. With the right combination of applications, your phone can turn it into a ninja productivity. So you must not spend your production time sorting through thousands of productivity applications out there, I have done this mission for you. I recommended these basic potency apps for iPhone and Android.


My recommendation for go-to management for students. It elegantly designed, has applications on IOS, Android, and many other platforms, and does not block the basic features behind the paid version, as some other administrators do. In addition, I have peppered the love of how tasks get the progress bars hidden when you start checking the subtasks inside them.
Price: Free


All good to-do application needs a calendar as a companion, and while Google Calendar and iCal are good, Fantastical is my calendar application of choice. The design is excellent and is one of the few calendar applications that have multiples of support in my Apple Watch. However, the killer feature for me is the processing of natural language. Instead of typing the events, I can speak them and the application will intelligently analyze what I say to complete the details of the event.
Price: $2.99


For free, a friendly Android alternative to Fantastical, SolCalendar is my advice. It lacks the common language processing of Fantastical, but it is quite a strong calendar application.
Price: Free


Tracking the habit is another practice that helps me maintain productivity, and my favorite application for this is Habitica. Habitica enables you to alter your tracking habits into a video play – you can level up, buy equipment, join with others to go to tasks and keep each responsible. If you need a society of people to talk, you will also find the College of Information Guild Geek in Habitica including more than 7,000 members.
Price: Free


If you need the habit to track the Habitica features without all the lines-game stuff, I suggest Momentum. Simply open the application, check one box and proceed with your life. It also lets you check habits in the IOS Today view, which is really cool.
Price: Free

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